CGI Scripts and Programs

(Common Gateway Interface script) A relatively compact program written in a language such as Perl, Tcl, C or C++ that functions as the glue between HTML pages and other programs on the Web server. For example, a CGI script would allow search data entered on a Web page to be sent to the DBMS (database management system) for lookup. It would also format the results of that search as an HTML page and send it back to the user. The CGI script resides in the server and obtains the data from the user via environment variables that the Web server makes available to it.

CGI scripts have been the initial mechanism used to make Web sites interact with databases and other applications. However, as the Web evolved, server-side processing methods have been developed that are more efficient and easier to program. For example, Microsoft promotes its Active Server Pages (ASPs) for its Windows Web servers, and Sun/Netscape nurtures its Java roots with JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and servlets. See ASP, JSP, servlet, environment variable and FastCGI. -
A directory of Perl, Asp, and Javascript.
CGI Resource Index -
An extensive directory of CGI related resources. -
CGI scripts organized by programming language and type of utility. Links to remotely hosted service, books, source code and other resources.
WebScripts -
Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools: WebLog, WebMapper, WebBBS, and WebSearch. -
Membership with a very wide range of written scripts that focus on making money.
Perl Crawler Search Engine -
A searchable index of all sites devoted to Perl and CGI programming, backed up with a web indexing spider.
The CGI Directory -
Links to CGI scripts, tutorials, code, books, and other resources. By
CgiScripts.Net -
collection of free Perl scripts for Webmasters and sites of all types.
FocalMedia.Net -
Add life and interactivity to your web site with free and high powered cgi script programs.
CGI City -
Large WWW resources for CGI materials. Also offers custom CGI and Perl development services.
Smart CGIs -
including search engine and URL redirection scripts.
Cgi For Me -
free CGI scripts. -
Exhibition of CGI scripts, Javascript, and PHP for dynamic content and control of your web site and databases.
AnsurWeb's CGI Center -
Collection of CGI scripts for web-based accounting, financial and mortgage calculations, and website enhancements.
The Interactive Web -
Offers high-end commercial scripts doing such tasks as forums, search engine, classified ads, shopping cart, and guestbook. -
A smallish directory of free cgi and java scripts. -
A very wide range of resources available in ASP, CGI,Perl, Java and JavaScript, plus tutorials
Widexl CGI scripts -
Commercial and free CGI written in Perl.
My CGI Scripts -
offer free and commercial perl cgi scripts for webmasters. Also we provide cgi installation, customization and custom work services.
CGI Extremes -
A largish directory of CGI scripts with descriptions and rankings
VerySimple -
FrameIt, SimpleSubmit, SimpleSecure, SimpleShop, Today and a few more scripts by VerySimple
Ranson's CGI Scripts -
free scripts for web page enhancement and business.
A Perl and Webmaster Resource -
Large collection of perl scripts, Flash tools, generators, and site promotion scripts. Free downloads and links to top web services.
Autorpro -
AutoResponder services are a fantastic way to get users, collect emails, and make money on the web. CGI Scripts Archives -
A decent selection of cgi scripts, tutorials and tools. Mainly Perl orientated. -
Online shop that sells CGI scripts to help build online communities.
CGI Scripts Online -
CGI Scripts Online contains informative script related articles, platform and programming language specific scripts, tutorials and other web development tools to help you build the best web site possible.
Midmart Developers Group -
Midmart Developers Group offers high quality, customized web and graphic design, CGI Scripts, promotional software and custom programming services to the Internet community.
CGI Scripts directory and forums -
A comprehensive resource allowing you the download a wide range of scripts in Perl, Visual Basic, MySQL and other languages. Also has handy documentation and discussion forums.
David Spelts Software -
Perl CGI Scripts and windows shareware, including Traffic Log - web statistics without server logs or SSI, and Arielis Search Technology - internet search engine scripts. -
A collection of scripts for various CGI languages, complete with tips and documentaton.
Bon's CGI Freebies -
Directory of free CGI applications ranging from ad rotation software, counters, form-to-email handlers, to message boards, guestbooks, and feedback programs.
Automatic promotional CGI Software -
Quite a few scripts to buy and download. -
A resource for reviews of all the most popular CGI scripts available on the internet.
Sunny Script -
Commercial CGI scripts written in Perl. Providing also other services, like custom programming, consulting.

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